You would be surprised to know that getting pregnant is not as easy as it looks. Scores of women face problems in conceiving and ask for fertility treatment. Most women don’t even care to know whether they are fertile or not until they try getting pregnant. There are many elements and medical conditions which can result in infertility issues. You can see many hints which would show signs of infertility and subsequently there would be signs which would tell you that you can get pregnant. 

Today you have online ovulation calculator tools that can help you find out when your body would be fertile. Now you must know that it is important to check your fertile days and signs of fertility even if you don’t want to get pregnant at the moment. This is because these hints or signs show that your body is communicating to you about pregnancy. 

When you are trying to have a baby it is important that you, first of all, monitor the signs that we have discussed below. This way you can communicate with your doctor in a better way. Also, use the advanced ovulation calculator tools so that you can know when your body would be ovulating. Now here in this post, we have discussed the eight signs which would help you find out whether it is easy for your body to get pregnant or not!

Top Signs that would Show that your Body is Capable of Getting Pregnant

Here we have collected information about the signs of fertility. Once you get to know about these signs you can easily monitor them at the time highlighted by the ovulation date calculator

Track your Cycle and see if you are Regular (28 days)

 If you want to know whether your body is fertile or not then you need to first of all keep track of your period. If you are having a regular period then this is one of the biggest signs that your body is fertile. Doctors from all across the globe recommend young women monitor their period cycle and share it with their gynecologists. Any irregularities in the period cycle can be a major sign of infertility. Usually, a regular period cycle is of 28 days. In the past women had to track their period manually on calendars but today you have access to free ovulation calculators and ovulation calendar tools that can assist in digital tracking. 

Keep Track of your Physical and Mental Health – See if you Feel well in General

The top sign that would show that you can easily get pregnant is your good health. You should know that feeling good is a very vital sign which contributes to fertility. If your mental or physical health is not good then it is going to cause problems for you in getting pregnant. Women who struggle with mental health problems would always face problems in conceiving as their regular cycle would always get disturbed. You need to be mentally and emotionally strong if you want to get pregnant. An ovulation date calculator or period tracker tool can tell you if you are missing out on your regular period dates. 

See if you ever had a Pelvic or Vaginal Infection in the Past

If you want to get pregnant then the most important thing that you need to worry about is a healthy pelvic. If you face regular vaginal infections then it is going to affect your chances of getting pregnant. If you have never had a vaginal infection in your life then it is a clear sign that your body is perfectly ready for getting pregnant. Frequent itching and urination is a common signs of vaginal infection and if you face these kinds of problems then you need to book an appointment with your doctor and get this checked before the infection ruins any chances of you getting pregnant.

Track your Period Flow - It Should not be Heavy

It is true that every woman has a different period cycle and flow and it is important that you check yours. Your period flow tells you whether your body is fertile or not. If your flow is heavy throughout the seven days and in every cycle then this is something to worry about. You need to consult your doctor if you see this sign. Light bleeding is normal and is a good sign which shows that you can easily get pregnant. Having intercourse during the ovulation cycle increases your chances of conceiving. Now to know your ovulation time you need to use the best ovulation day calculator. The ovulation calculator doesn't only tell you about your fertility window but also tells you when your next period would be.

Check Whether your Body Shows Regular Signs of Ovulation

Other than using the advanced ovulation calculator you also have to monitor signs of ovulation. If you have regular periods, light bleeding, good health, no infections, and a good diet then the only thing that you need to check is the signs of ovulation. Women who don’t show any signs of ovulation might face some difficulties in conceiving which is why doctors always recommend that you have to know and check the signs of fertility. 

When you are using a free ovulation calculator you can also find information about these signs. But for your convenience we have mentioned the top signs of ovulation below for you:

  • First, you need to check the change in consistency of your cervical mucus or vaginal discharge. If the discharge is light-colored and slippery then it is a clear sign that your body is fertile. 
  • If you feel that your senses have heightened then it is also a clear sign of ovulation
  • Tender and sore breasts are another common indication of your body that it is ovulating.
  • Pain in the abdomen and pelvic means that your body is ovulating. 
  • An increase in your sex drive is another clear indication that your body is in ovulation mode.
  • If you feel any nausea and headache then it is also considered to be a clear sign of fertility. 
  • An increase in basal body temperature is another clear sign that your body is ovulating.

You can check all these signs when the free ovulation calculator tells you about your window of fertility!